Monthly Minutes

Minutes for December 10, 2018 Tecumseh Township Monthly Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:00PM by Supervisor Curt Brown.
Present were Brown, Treasurer Rick Bunch, Clerk Gerald Coulter, Trustee Pat Lamb. Attorney Michael Brooks was also in attendance. Trustee Mike Feight was absent.
The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by the floor being opened for Guest Comments. Mr. Tim Goligoski from CTE which owns and manages a gravel quarry ( now closed ) that has property in Tecumseh Township followed up on a previous request for the Township to release their company from a surety bond based on their successful rehabilitation of the quarry site. He requested a release from the bond and also requested a letter from the Township to Fifth Third Bank who holds the bond, to release the funds back to CTE. Curt Brown made a motion to release the bond and provide said letter to Fifth Third. Rick Bunch seconded the motion and the motion was passed by voice vote.
Minutes from the November were discussed and a motion to approve them was made by Rick Bunch; seconded by Pat Lamb and passed by voice vote.
The Treasurer's Report was presented, discussed and placed on file.
Bills for the current period were presented, discussed and a motion to pay bills as presented was made by Coulter; seconded by Curt Brown and passed by voice vote.
Building Permits: there was no report.
Old Business: Curt Brown informed us that the Board of Review members needed to be appointed and approved. The slate consists of Paul Slovinski, Karl Brown, and Greg Lewis, all repeat members. Curt Brown made a motion to approve this slate; motion seconded by Coulter and passed by voice vote.
New Business: G. Coulter brought up the need for the Township to adopt an ordinance opposing the growing, processing, testing, or distribution of marihuana under provisions of the passage of legalization of recreational marihuana in the Nov. 2018 General Election. Mike Brooks was charged with researching the steps needed to draft and adopt an ordinance. G. Coulter was asked to send copies of the sample ordinance put together by MTA to all Board members. Further discussion to be conducted at January 2019 meeting.
Supervisor's Report: Curt Brown reported that Ridgeway Township has surplus shelving available if we are interested in it. We do need additional shelving and Curt Brown to follow up on this.
There was no additional discussion from Board members or additional business to be conducted. A motion to adjourn was made by Coulter; seconded by Brown and passed by voice vote. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM by Curt Brown.
Gerald Coulter, Clerk                            
Curt Brown, Supervisor


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