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Minutes for January 14, 2019 Tecumseh Township Meeting
The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Curt Brown at 7:03 PM. Present were Brown, Lamb, Feight, Bunch, Coulter and Attorney Mike Brooks.
The Pledge of Allegiance was given.
The Minutes of the December 10, 2018 meeting were presented. There was no discussion and a motion to approve the Minutes was made by Feight; seconded by Bunch. The motion was passed by voice vote.
At this point, the floor was turned over to Mr. Brent Shea, CPA who performed the 2017/2018 fiscal year audit for the Township. He affirmed that the Township is in excellent financial shape and that the audit uncovered no serious problems. He did comment that the Township needs to be more timely in recording and reconciliation of financial transactions to prevent discrepancies. Audit was submitted to the State of Michigan within deadlines. There was no additional discussion. Curt Brown requested that Rick Bunch and Gerald Coulter meet with TLC and Old National to insure that as Clerk, G. Coulter has signatory rights to our accounts and CD's. Rick will initiate this action.
Treasurer's Report: Given by Rick Bunch; no discussion and the report was placed on file.
Bills: Rick Bunch presented the outstanding bills with some discussion following. Coulter made motion to approve; Feight seconded. Motion passed by voice vote.
Building Inspector's Report: Curt Brown and Pat Lamb presented lists of permits issued for recent months; no additional discussion.
Old Business:  Curt Brown shared a letter from the State of Michigan's Treasury Department which has accepted our plan to become compliant in all Assessing Requirements( AMAR ). The State has accepted our plan as submitted and it is now up to Amanda Lacelle to carry out the agreed upon changes.
Curt presented a plan to hold Public Hearing at next month's meeting( February 11, 2019 )to present the Township's planned Resolution to opt out of allowing any marihuana facilities(growing, processing , testing, or distribution ) in the township. This is in response to the passage of the Proposition to allow for recreational marihuana during the November 2018 General Election. He will put a notice of this in the newspaper. Mike Brooks will have an Ordinance outlining our intent prepared for reading at this meeting.
New Business: Curt presented the request for dues for membership in the River Raisin Watershed Council for the current year. Coulter made the motion to pay these; seconded by Bunch. Motion passed by voice vote.
Supervisor's Report: Curt Brown announced that there will be countywide training for Board of Review members in Adrian at the Human Resources Building on January 31, 2019. Our members and Curt plan to attend.
Curt also reported that several segments of Billmyer Hwy. are crumbling. These are in section that were re-paved in summer of 2018. He will approach the Lenawee County Road Commission about correcting this as weather permits.
There was no additional general discussion and with no further business before the Board, G. Coulter made the motion to adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Brown and passed by voice vote. Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM by Supervisor Brown.
Gerald Coulter, Clerk
Curt Brown, Supervisor


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