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Febuary 11, 2019 Tecumseh Township Monthly Meeting
The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Curt Brown at 7:00. In attendance were Trustees Lamb and Feight, Treasurer Rick Bunch, Clerk Gerald Coulter and Attorney Mike Brooks.
The Pledge of Allegiance was given and the floor was open to Guest Comments. There being none, the Minutes from the January 14, 2019 meeting were discussed. There were no changes or additions. Feight made motion to approve them; seconded by Coulter. The motion was approved by voice vote.
Treasurer's Report: Rick Bunch gave the report of financial status. There were no questions; report placed on file. Bunch also presented current outstanding bills. Discussion followed and a motion to approve payment of bills made by Coulter; seconded by Lamb. The motion was approved by voice vote.
Building Permits: There were only three permits issued for January.G. Coulter asked if we were any closer to making a decision about staying with Raisin Township or switching to City of Tecumseh's Inspector, Brad Raymond. Curt reported that he is in discussions with Raymond to get an accurate analysis of what Tecumseh City actually charges for their various permits. We are trying to get the best value for our residents while providing timely service.
At this point Brown requested a motion to allow us to adjourn regular meeting and go to open public discussion of pending Township Marihuana Opt- Out ordinance. Motion made by Coulter; seconded by Brown and approved by voice vote.
Old Business:  At this point the proposed ordinance was presented and open discussion followed. Mike Brooks explained that this ordinance addresses Recreational Marijuana production, processing, distribution and sales as defined by recently passed Proposal defined by MCL 333.27951. There were no guest comments during this discussion. G. Coulter asked if we would need to create an ordinance to define our position on Medical Marihuana as well. After some discussion Mike Brooks will look into this thoroughly and report back. Curt Brown asked for a vote on the proposed ordinance. Voting was as follows:
Mike Feight---Yea( supporting ordinance )
Rick Bunch---Yea
Gerald Coulter---Yea
Curtis Brown---Yea
Patricia Lamb---Yea
Ordinance passed by unanimous vote. Curt Brown will consult with City of Tecumseh to see how they actually implemented their ordinance.
New Business: Curt Brown reported that the Board of Review training scheduled by Lenawee County was cancelled due to extreme weather and will not be re-scheduled. Curt Brown scheduled an organizational meeting for March 5 for Board of Review officials prior to the March 11-12 Board of Review public sessions.
Open Discussion: Rick Bunch asked if the Road Commission was still publishing a yearly report giving the condition of the county roads. He referenced the last report he had seen dated 2002. Curt thinks the reports are still being issued and will contact County Road Commission to try to get most current.
Rick also referenced an article in current MTA Magazine citing moves by the State of Michigan to do away with local control of property assessment. Curt believes that this is the direction they are going if the local entities do not do a better, more consistent job of assessing. He also stated that Amanda Lacelle assures us that she will address all deficiencies cited in our AMER audit on time.
There being no additional business before the Board, a motion to adjourn was made by Coulter; seconded by Bunch. The motion passed by voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM by Supervisor Brown.
Gerald Coulter, Clerk                                                 
Curtis Brown, Supervisor


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