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April 09, 2019

The April Tecumseh Township Board Meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Supervisor Curt Brown. The Pledge of Allegiance was given and the floor opened for Guest Comments. Debbie Clark and Deborah Poucher , residents of Dillingham Court, were present and had questions about the recent changes in trash collection. They both had service from Modern Waste and like all Tecumseh Township residents using Modern were recently informed that Stevens will be taking over the service once provided by Modern. They both had questions about why this occurred, what happens to curbside re-cycling, as well as the increase in pricing. Curt Brown explained that the Board was informed at the same time as everyone else and had limited information on the switch from Modern to Stevens. Both residents said that they were told that pricing had gone up because Modern/Steven's contract with the township had expired. Brown explained that the township had never had any contract for service with either Modern or Stevens. At one time we had listed Modern on the township website as a "preferred supplier"
 because Modern had offered lower rates for township residents. In no way has Tecumseh Township ever had a contract or formal agreement with either trash hauler. Brown explained that Stevens is no different than any other private contractor a resident may hire.
Brown also related information from Modern as to why curbside re-cycling was no longer possible. It is related to the very low demand for recycled materials from China and other countries resulting in higher prices for sorting and final disposition. It is no longer financially feasible for Modern or Stevens.
Curt Brown did suggest that the Lenawee County Recycling Center ( in Adrian ) is still accepting most types of materials for re-cycling.
Minutes from March and February 2019 minutes were presented and reviewed. Mike Feight pointed out that in the February 11, 2019 minutes the comment from Clerk Coulter re: potential need for a separate Opt-Out ordinance for Medical Marihuana was written in such a way as to be potentially confusing as written in connection with the vote on Recreational Ordinance. There was general agreement and Clerk has REVISED the Feb. 11, 2019 Minutes to clarify that point (February 11, 2019 Minutes are to be listed as REVISED ).
Coulter made motion to approve Feb. Minutes as REVISED. Seconded by Feight and approved by voice vote. Feight made motion to approve March, 2109 Minutes; seconded by Brown; approved by voice vote.
Treasurer's Report was given by Treasurer Bunch, discussed and placed on file.
Bills presented for consideration. After discussion, motion to pay bills made by Coulter; seconded by Feight and passed by voice vote.
Building Inspector's Report  Brown has more research to do re: fees before we decide on what to do moving forward in finalizing a Building Inspector either with Tecumseh City or Raisin Township.
Old Business: Mike Brooks reported that there has been no progress on demolition of abandoned house on Tecumseh-Clinton Rd. Owners had previously appeared before Board and promised to have issue resolved by end of March, 2019. Brooks asked for direction from Board as to whether to proceed with suit to have house demolished. Board encouraged him to proceed with suit.
Andrew Aalto has requested a land split on his property on Macon Rd., Section 22. Since there is only a 73 foot frontage on Macon Hwy. ( Township  zoning requires minimum of 125 ft. Tecumseh City requires 75ft.) we should inform Aalto that neither Tecumseh Township nor City of Tecumseh would never approve a permit to build based on this frontage. Curt Brown to discuss with our Assessor, Amanda Lacelle. In meantime any action put on hold pending further discussion.
Curt Brown gave a presentation of potential road projects for coming summer and asked for direction on which ones to choose. Discussion followed and consideration given to projects based on traffic, condition, and funds available. All seven projects proposed by the Road Commission would total over $200,000; in excess of our proposed budget.  Board proposed the following: Conklin Rd... $8,391.66; Newburgh Hwy... $27, 223.60;Munger Rd (contingent upon Allen Rd. project)... $29,686.51; and Allen Rd... $51,709.75 (joint with Clinton Twp.). We would likely drop the Munger Rd project if Clinton does decide to share costs for Allen Rd; if not, Munger would be done.
Curt Brown plans to have Budget proposal ready for May Board Meeting.
Board of Review reported that they had 30 petitions for re-valuation during the March public appeal time.
Clerk Coulter informed the Board that the check from the Lilley for $1000.00 had been received and deposited. He asked the Board for approval to make our annual contributions to God's Breadbasket and the Tecumseh Service Club as usual. Lamb made motion to approve; seconded by Feight. The motion was passed by voice vote.
C. Brown announced that the dates for Dump Day for non standard items has been publicized.
Motion to adjourn made by Coulter; seconded by Brown. Motion carried by voice vote. There being no additional business before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.
Gerald Coulter, Clerk                                                                     
Curtis Brown, Supervisor

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