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Minutes from Tecumseh Township Meeting - August 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Curt Brown, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Supervisor Brown, Treasurer Bunch, Clerk Coulter, Trustee Feight, and Trustee Pat Lamb. Township Counsel, Mike Brooks was also in attendance.

The floor was opened to Guests Comments. Mike Nicklowitz of Adrian Design Group presented a proposal for the construction of a service station/convenience store on the northwest corner of the M-50 and Billmeyer Hwy. The property is owned by Marogi Development. Two members of the Marogi family were present at the meeting. As explained by Mr. Nicklowitz and the family, this presentation was just an attempt to inform the Township of their plans and to solicit any pertinent information. The property to be involved would comprise five(5) acres of land currently zoned agricultural. A general discussion followed with the Board advising that a Zoning Board meeting would be necessary after they file a formal proposal. They will complete site plan and request a hearing for re-zoning from agricultural to commercial.

Minutes were presented for July meeting. Bunch moved to accept; seconded by Brown. Motion passed. Treasurer's report presented and placed on file.

Bills up for payment were presented by Treasurer Bunch. Coulter made motion to pay; seconded by Brown. Motion passed.

Building permits: presented and placed on file.

Old Business: Mowing needs to be done at several locations. Dillingham Drive mowing complete but still need to get 9681 Clinton-Tecumseh property mowed. Mike Brooks directed to send letter to homeowners. Curt Brown reported that the property near the airport including a former convenience store and the former health care study building badly needs mowing . Mike Brooks to send letters to property owners.

New Business: Curt Brown informed Board that he had been contacted by the County Road Commission re: need to add limestone on Allen Rd. Cost to us would be $ 7,894.00. A motion to pay for this was made by Mike Feight; seconded by Rick Bunch .Motion passed.

Curt Brown informed Board that to pay for this we needed to authorize the Clerk to amend the current budget. Motion made by Mike Feight; seconded by Pat Lamb and passed.

Curt Brown informed us that Amanda Lacelle is having difficulties utilizing Lenawee County's assessing software and has requested that we purchase $400.00 worth of Sketching software to assist her in getting the re-assessing accomplished on schedule. After some discussion, Coulter made motion to acquire this software; seconded by Feight. Motion passed.

Pat Lamb questioned whether we want to retain Amanda Lacelle as our future assessor. Discussion followed and it was agreed to re-visit this issue later in the contract's life.

Comments: G. Coulter informed the Board that training for the new voting machines is scheduled for September 7, 2017. Since he will be unavailable for the training due to vacation, he will ask Judith Holcomb the Deputy Clerk to attend. He will get training as well during make-up sessions. He also informed the Board that he would not be at the September Township Board Meeting.

Pat Lamb suggested that we should re-visit our Township Zoning Regulations esp. since it has been 10+ years since we have done this. The following discussion was in agreement and Supervisor Brown will contact our Zoning Board to discuss this proposal. G. Coulter will acquire updated guidelines for zoning and planning boards from Michigan Township Association.

Motion to adjourn made by Mike Feight and seconded by Rick Bunch. Motion passed and meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Curtis L. Brown,

Gerald Coulter,

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