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May 12, 2014

The regular meeting of the Tecumseh Township Board was called to order by Supervisor Schlegel at 7:00 P.M.

Supervisor Schlegel led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call was taken- present were, Supervisor Schlegel, Clerk Brown, Trustee Lamb, Trustee Feight and Treasurer Bunch. Attorney Brooks was also present.

A motion to approve the minutes of the April 14, 2014 meeting was made by Lamb; seconded by Feight. Motion carried.

The Treasurer's report was reviewed and placed on file.

A motion for the approval to pay the bills was made by Brown; seconded by Lamb. Motion carried. No Building Report was given.

Feight made a motion to pay Lenawee County Road Commission $63,600.86 which is 1/3 of the total $181,459.60 for road work on Billmeyer Hwy - seal coat and fog seal Shull to Tecumseh Macon, lift of asphalt from Tecumseh Macon to Allen., Allen Road (Billmeyer to Tecumseh/Macon shared with Clinton twp) - seal coat and fog seal, Newburg Hwy. - shoulder removal, Munger Road - shoulder removal, Pleasant Dr. and Valleydale Pkwy. - seal coat and fog seal. The balance is to be paid upon completion; seconded by Lamb. Motion carried.

The Election Commissions members Schlegel, Brown and Bunch met during the regular meeting and Schlegel made a motion to appoint Clerk Brown to perform the Commission duties for this year elections; seconded by Bunch. Motion carried.

Feight made a motion to allow Clerk Brown to make line idem adjustments to the 2013-2014 budget; seconded by Lamb. Motion carried.

Schlegel made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting for the Public Hearing meeting on the 2014-2015 Budget; seconded by Bunch. Motion carried. The Board discussed the Budget in detail. Then Schlegel made a motion to adjourn the Public Hearing meeting to go back to the regular meeting; seconded by Bunch. Motion carried.

Schlegel made a motion to adopt the revised budget for 2014-2015 years as presented; seconded by Lamb. Motion carried.

Schlegel made a motion to increase the contract with Tecumseh Township Assessor Tim Voorhees $100/month for a total of $1300 / month starting July 1st 2014 for four years; seconded by Bunch. Motion carried.

The Board received thank you letters from the Tecumseh Service Club and Gods Breadbasket for the donations from Tecumseh Township Board from the Lilley Trust. Supervisor's report was given by Schlegel.

There being no further business, Bunch moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:02 P.M.; seconded by Feight. Motion carried.

Roy Schlegel,

Curtis L. Brown,

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