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Minutes from Oct. 9 ,2017 Tecumseh Township Monthly Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. by Supervisor Curt Brown. The Pledge of Allegiance was given and a welcome extended to all guests. Curt Brown introduced the Board members to the audience before proceeding with business. Approximately 50 persons were in attendance. Board members in attendance were Brown, Treasurer Bunch, Clerk Coulter, Board members Lamb and Feight as well as Township legal counsel, Mike Brooks.

Supervisor Brown reviewed the business at hand with the request for a change in zoning to allow for commercial development to include a gas station and convenience store to be located at the northwest corner of M-50 and Billmyer Highway in Tecumseh Township, MI. He then asked for comments from the attendees. A number of residents voiced concerns about any change in zoning including concern over increased traffic, additional lights and noise in a residential/agricultural area, objections to "spot zoning", potential for traffic accidents at the intersection, potential destruction of a neighborhood feel to the area, as well as concerns about flooding in the area since it is a known surface water drainage area pathway.At the conclusion of the remarks, Curt Brown shared the opinion of the Zoning Board who met on 9/13/17 and voted 4 to 0 to reject the request for a change in zoning.

G. Coulter moved to accept the findings of the Zoning Board and deny the request. Rick Bunch seconded. The vote was unanimous( 5 Yes to Deny; 0 No to Approve) . A record of this meeting is on file.

At this point we took a short recess to allow those present to depart if they did not choose to stay for the rest of the meeting.

The minutes of the 9/11/2017 Board meeting were presented. Feight moved to approve; seconded by Bunch and motion carried.

Prior to our meeting the Zoning Board also reviewed a request for a set- back of 40 ft. instead of the required 50 ft. by Jack E. Beach for the property at 9432 Newbury Court(TEO-490-0270-00) to be able to construct a home. Zoning Board found this in keeping with current homes in the immediate area and approved the request. Rick Bunch made motion to approve the request; seconded by Mike Feight and motion carried.

Treasurer's report presented by Rick Bunch and placed on file. Bills presented by Bunch. Motion to pay them made by G. Coulter; seconded by Pat Lamb. Motion carried.

Building Permits presented and placed on file.

G. Coulter presented the slate of potential poll workers for the upcoming Nov.7, 2017 election. The list includes Pat Tooman, Judith Holcomb, Laurie Hoffman, Marianne Smith, Pat Miller, Dianne Marsh, and Linda Lipps .Two Receiving Members will be selected. G. Coulter made motion to accept this group; C. Brown seconded. Motion carried.

G. Coulter reported that the new voting equipment has been received. He and Judith Holcomb have been trained on it and training for poll workers to be scheduled soon.

Curt Brown read a letter from Electrocycle, a company who recycles electronics gear. We will consider whether or not to set up a time to have a Recycling event for the Township using their services either separately or in connection to another recycling event.

A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Feight; seconded by Rick Bunch. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 P.M.

Curtis L. Brown,

Gerald Coulter,

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