Is located in southeastern Michigan in the county of Lenawee. The township covers an area of 13.407 square miles with a population of 1972.


Fire coverage is contracted through the City of Tecumseh and police coverage is by the Lenawee County Sheriff's Department.


This is a reminder to the voters of Tecumseh Township that the upcoming General/Special Election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
The polls will be open from 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM.
Voting will take place at our usual polling place
The Tecumseh Masonic Lodge,
700 Bishop Reed Drive, Tecumseh, MI.
The only proposal for our Tecumseh Township voters is the Renewal of Separate Tax Limitation Proposal. This is a proposal to renew the of tax limitations as established in 1968. This proposal covers tax limits for the County of Lenawee, The Lenawee Intermediate School District, and the various Townships.

If you have any questions please contact Gerald Coulter, Tecumseh Township Clerk, at 517-423-2284 or at gcoultertwp@gmail.com.


The current plan is for any Tecumseh township resident who receives their gas or electricity from Consumers Energy to have their meters replaced with smart meters in the 4th quarter of 2016. When this change is made there will be no need for the installers to enter your home and all employees will be clearly marked and have ID's with them. If anyone has questions regarding this change please call Kathryn Burkholder 517-545-8745 or e-mail kathryn.burkholder@cmsenergy.com.



Call the Tecumseh Senior Center at 517-423-5939
Volunteers will be delivering in Tecumseh and surrounding areas.

Drivers need a valid license and proof of insurance. Mileage reimbursement available and lunch provided to drivers


Effective 10/10/14 Tecumseh township residents do not have to go to the Tecumseh fire department and get a paper burn permit. We still require the permit but residents can call the fire department at 517-423-4545 with the pertinent information and receive one.


Stevens disposal (734-856-8451) and Modern Waste (517-536-4900) will both pick up grass clippings and yard waste for a price from Tecumseh Township residents.


Some residents have called asking about how to control mosquitoes on their property. As we have found in the past certain weather conditions can cause it to be almost impossible to be out side but the Michigan Mosquito Control Association has a web site that offers tips on what to use for helping to control mosquitoes in their various stages of growth.

Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) donuts which can be purchased at most hardware stores in our area are the recommended method of stopping mosquitoes in ponds or pools of water in their larva form. Most individual donuts cover an area of approx 100 square feet. If you are looking to stop grown flying mosquitoes there are also foggers available at local hardware stores. Go to Michigan Mosquito Control.


Telephone weather notification system

We are pleased to inform everyone that the county-wide CodeRed emergency weather notification system is now live. Residents and business's can go to the website listed below, find the codeRed logo with a "click here" button that will take you automatically to the registration window. It only requires a couple of minutes to become registered on the system. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this service that is being paid for by a Homeland Security grant.

Share this important information with colleagues and family members so they are able to take advantage of this service.

Code Red


  • CodeRed messages can be sent to home phones as well as cellular devices.
  • It is geographically targeted * only those included in a defined watch or warning area will receive notifications.
  • You may select or deselect the types of watches or warning you wish to receive.
  • You can not receive this system if you are not registered.
  • Private homes as well as businesses can be registered on the system.
  • your personal information will not be used for any other purpose!
  • Encourage parents to register their children's phones.
  • have a plan in place if the family needs to seek refuge from an approaching storm.
  • If you have loved ones or neighbors that do not have computer access, volunteer your assistance to get them registered.

Be safe, be prepared, have a plan!

Local Weather

Tecumseh Michigan Weather

24/7 recycling station for Tecumseh Township residents

Is located at the Raisin Township hall on the corner of Occidental Hwy and Gady road. They will take the following items:

CANS- Steel and aluminum, please wash and flatten

PLASTICS- bottles and food containers #1 through #7, wash and remove caps and rings and flatten

NEWSPRINT- Magazines, newspapers, phone books and junk mail, bundled or loose or in paper bags (NO PLASTIC BAGS)

CARDBOARD- all types of cereal boxes, packaging cardboard etc. These must be FLATTENED to fit in the opening and maximize the container.

County Recycling locations and times