Monthly Minutes

August 14, 2023 Tecumseh Township Board Minutes
Attendees: Supervisor Curt Brown, Treasurer Rick Bunch, Clerk Rita Roth, Trustee Jerry Coulter, Trustee Mike Feight, Attorney Michael Brooks
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Curt Brown.  Supervisor Curt Brown led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Guest Comments:
All Board members had reviewed minutes from the July 10, 2023 meeting. There were no corrections or changes. Coulter made a motion to approve; seconded by Bunch. Motion passed by voice vote.
Treasurers Report:
Treasurer Bunch gave a report on the financial status of the Township.  There being no additions or corrections, the report was placed on file.  Treasurer Bunch presented the list of bills for discussion. The July bills included Lenawee County Road Commission total $1,657.56, for Loire Valley $1,288.20 and Shull Rd. $369.26 balance. Motion to pay bills made by Coulter; seconded by Brown. Motion passed by voice vote.
Clerks Report:
Clerk advised the August 8 special election renewal for the Lenawee District Library passed, with Statement of Votes listing 12.66% of Lenawee County voters of cumulative precincts participating in the election.  Changes for 2024 elections will include implementation of 9 days of early voting for state and federal elections, a permanent mail ballot selection added to the Absentee Voter Application, and installation of a stationary drop box for return of Absentee Ballots. These changes will be supported by Proposal 2022-2 funding passed in the state budget for fiscal year 2023-24.
Building Inspectors Report:
Old Business
Solar Ordinance - The planning commission is meeting Monday, August 21, 6:00p.m. to review draft ordinance.
Township Hall - Supervisor is scheduled to meet with the administrator of a possible future location for a township office.
New Business: 
Tax Rates - Preliminary discussion of property tax rates were reviewed for the township L-4029, and will continue at the next meeting. No motion to approve was submitted.
Open Discussion:
There being no additional business before the Board, Feight made a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Coulter. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.
Next meeting is Monday, September 11, 2023 at 7 pm.

Rita Roth, Clerk

Curtis Brown, Supervisor



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