Monthly Minutes

Dec. 09, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Curt Brown. In attendance were Supervisor Brown, Treasurer Bunch, Clerk Coulter and Trustee Feight. Counselor Michael Brooks was also in attendance. Absent was Trustee Pat Lamb.  Supervisor Brown led us in led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Guests were welcomed and an opportunity to make comments was extended. There were no guest comments at this point.
Minutes : Minutes from November 11 meeting were reviewed. There were no additions or corrections. Rick Bunch made motion to approve; seconded by Curt Brown. Motion passed by voice vote.
Treasurer's Report: Rick Bunch gave the financial report. There were no questions or discussion. Report placed on file. Bills were presented and discussed. There were no additions or changes. Coulter made motion to pay bills; seconded by Feight. Motion to pay bills passed by voice vote.
Building Inspector Report: Supervisor Brown presented billing report report which contained seven(7) permits. There being no questions, the report was placed on file.
Old Business: Clerk Coulter reported that he had visited the site of the abandoned house on Tecumseh-Clinton Rd. and that the house is now down , roof partially intact but considerable progress made. The Township will continue to monitor status of this site.
New Business: Store It Now Self Storage sign variance request; Curt Brown reported that he had discussed the right-of-way issues with the County Road Commission and that in fact the right -of-way at that location does extend 50 feet each way from the center of the road. The County can issue a variance to this regulation and might be willing to do so if approached by "Store It".
Tecumseh Township can still require a different set back based on our Building Inspector's ruling that it violates our codes. Curt Brown will further discuss this with Inspector Arquette to see what his original objections were and will report back at the January meeting.
Supervisor Brown also shared the letter from State of Michigan Dept. of Treasury informing us that they will return Assessing Files to the Township since we have met all conditions originally placed on us with no additional financial charges.
Supv. Brown announced that the Board of Review will meet Tuesday, Dec.10, 2019 at Tecumseh City Hall to handle any changes outstanding issues.
Clerk Coulter informed the Board of the upcoming March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary Election. Since he will be away on vacation for the entire month of March, he is working with Deputy Clerk Judith Holcomb to prepare her to run this election. He also requested that we acquire a post office box to receive the expected large number of requests for Absentee Ballots. This would allow the Deputy to access requests as well as returned ballots in his absence. There were some questions as to how we properly inform our voters of this change and we will take this up again at the January 2020 meeting. 
State House of Representative Bronna Kahle was scheduled to speak to the Township Meeting tonight but was unable to attend. We will re-schedule this for a later meeting.
There was no additional Supervisors Report or discussion from the audience.
There being no additional business before the board, a motion was made by Coulter, seconded by Brown to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 7:47 PM by Supervisor Brown.
Gerald Coulter, Clerk
Curtis Brown, Supervisor


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