Monthly Minutes

January 9, 2023 Tecumseh Township Board Minutes
Attendees: Supervisor Curt Brown, Treasurer Rick Bunch, Clerk Sandy Lewis, Trustee Jerry Coulter, Trustee Mike Feight, Attorney Mike Brooks
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Curt Brown.  Supervisor Curt Brown led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Guest Comments:
Prior month minutes:
All Board members had reviewed minutes from the December 12, 2022 meeting. There were no corrections or changes.  Bunch made a motion to approve; seconded by Feight.  Motion passed by voice vote.
Treasurers Report:
Treasurer Bunch sent a report on the financial status of the Township. There being no additions or corrections, the report was placed on file. Treasurer Bunch presented the list of bills for discussion. Motion to pay bills made by Coulter; seconded by Feight. Motion passed by voice vote. Treasurer Bunch presented an overview of CD rates at Old National Bank, TLC, County National Bank, and Huntington. All were 4.1-4.2% interest. A motion was made by Coulter to invest $300,000 of excess cash from ONB cash management account to 3 $100,000 CDs with varying maturity dates between 3 and 13 months at TLC. Motion was seconded by Feight.  Motion passed by voice vote.
Clerks Report:
I have unfortunately received the resignation of the deputy clerk, Judith Holcomb due to urgent family matters. Judith has been very helpful with elections and plans to continue in this capacity if she is able. A job posting for the deputy clerk will be posted on the townships website and The Herald.                
Building Inspectors Report:
Old Business
ARPA $ - no update
Township Hall- No update as our contact is out of town.
The new township assessors, Max Griffin and Anthony Stockdale from Assessment Administration Services LLC were at the meeting to provide information on their services.  They provided a status update on the transition from our prior assessor, the City of Tecumseh.  They presented new and updated documents for the board to review including a Land Division application, procedures for handling tax exemption requests for real property, a resolution to waive interest and penalty with not filed property transfer affidavit, resolution to allow local residents to protest to Board of Review in writing, resolution to set alternative meeting dates for the March board of review, and application for MCL 211.7u poverty exemption, and a poverty exemption affidavit.  Final drafts will be scheduled for adoption at the February township board meeting. They also requested approval to purchase a hard drive for township documents at a cost of $110 and stamps. A motion was made by Coulter and seconded by Feight to approve the purchase.
Road meeting upcoming on February 28.Trustee Feight and Supervisor Brown plan to attend.                             
New Business:  
Board of Review training is required every 2 years. Supervisor Brown requested approval to spend $100 for the 3 board members and 1 alternate for this required training. In addition, he would like to purchase an updated book for $34.50. A motion was made by Feight and seconded by Bunch to approve the expenses. Motion passed by voice vote.                                      
Open Discussion:
There being no additional business before the Board, Coulter made a motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Brown. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.
Next meeting is Monday, February 13, 2023 at 7 pm.

Sandy Lewis, Clerk

Curtis Brown, Supervisor



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