Monthly Minutes

August 10, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Curt Brown. In attendance were Brown, Treasurer Bunch, Clerk Coulter, Trustees Feight and Lewis. Attorney Mike Brooks also in attendance.
Supervisor Brown led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
There were no guests in attendance and no guest comments.
The previous month's Minutes were presented. There were no corrections or additions. Motion to approve made by Feight; seconded by Bunch. Motion passed by voice vote.
Financial Report given by Treasurer Bunch and following discussion, report placed on file.
At this point, Supv. Brown opened floor to discussion to a question of increasing pay scale for Poll Workers. Current pay is $ 10.00/hr. for workers and $12.00/hr. for Chairperson. Brown inserted this discussion at this time to get a decision before we moved to payment of bills, i.e. if pay raise approved, we could include it in bills being presented for approval, tonight. Brown had consulted with MTA and learned that the Board can change non-salaried wages other than via the budget approval cycle. After some discussion, Coulter made a motion to increase wage for poll workers from $10.00/ hr. to $12.00/hr. and wage for Chairperson from $ 12.00/hr. to $15.00/hr. The wage for the Deputy Clerk will also be increased from $10.00/hr. to $15.00; all effective changes as of August 1, 2020. Motion seconded by and passed by voice vote.
Bills, including poll worker hours for August 4th Primary were discussed and motion made by Coulter to approve; seconded by Feight.  Motion passed by voice vote.
Building Inspector's Report: Curt reported that projects have significantly slowed during month of July.
Old Business: Curt presented revised budget reflecting expected lower State Revenue Sharing amounts among others.
Motion to approve amended budget made by Coulter; seconded by Lewis. Approved by voice vote.
New Business: Curt Brown presented a letter from City of Tecumseh outlining their application for funds from the State of Michigan for Federal money from the CARES Act which provided funds to the States for distribution to municipalities for Public Safety and Public Health( PSPHRPRP ). As a contractor to the City of Tecumseh for Fire Protection, Tecumseh Township may be eligible for a partial funding of Tecumseh City's share. Under the formula, we might receive $7,607.94. City of Tecumseh has written us a check for this amount but asked us to hold check until they confirm receipt of such funds. We have agreed to this action.
Curt also presented a request for a proposed land split from the Aalto Family for the land defined as Parcel A, 57.93 acres at the current Myers Divers Airport property. The split has been approved by our assessor, Amanda Lacelle. A motion to approve the split was made by Coulter; seconded by Brown and approved by voice vote.
Supervisor's Report: Supv. Brown talked to D. J. Martin about leasing or renting additional space in his warehouse in the old Faraday Bldg. where we currently store our records and voting equipment. Curt reported that he seemed interested in offering the front area with  offices and potential space to hold elections and meetings but has some issues with other prospects that he must resolve. He and Curt will discuss further. At this point, Rick Bunch expressed his concern with having to accept people into his home who want to pay taxes directly. We believe that we can arrange a space within our current storage area there to allow him to meet with those wanting to pay in person. Coulter will coordinate this with Bunch. Curt also has tried to contact someone at the Friends Church on Tecumseh-Clinton Rd. about renting space but so far has not had any replies from his messages. Mike Feight believes ha can get appropriate contact info to Curt and will pursue.
Open Discussion: Clerk Coulter gave a report on the Aug. 4, 2020 State Primary Election. He reported that we sent out 428 absentee ballots. 292 were returned. We had a total number of 521 ballots cast. The election encountered a few glitches but otherwise went smoothly.  Coulter praised the Poll Workers for an excellent job. He expects many more absentee ballots for the November 3, General Election.
There being no additional business before the Board, a motion to adjourn was made by Bunch; seconded by Brown and passed by voice vote.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 P.M by Supervisor Brown.

Gerald Coulter, Clerk                                            

Curt Brown, Supervisor


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