Road Repairs

Completed road projects for 2015

-Seal coated and fog seal highland subdivision.
-Seal coated and fog seal Meadowbrook Court.
-Seal coated and fog seal Tonnenberger Drive.
-Seal coated and fog seal Newburg Court and Newburg Highway.
-Replace a culvert on Stone Highway

Completed road projects for 2014

-Pleasant drive and Valley Dale seal coat and fog seal.
-Allen road seal coat and fog seal (Billmeyer to Macon road).
-Newburg and Munger roads shoulder removal.
-Billmeyer Hwy seal coat and fog seal Shull to Macon, lift of asphalt from Macon to Allen road.

Completed road projects for 2013

-Replace culvert on Stone Road
-Seal Coat and Fog Seal the following:
-North Adrian Hwy
-Allen road (partial
-Loire Valley
-Hawthorne Drive
-Dillingham Drive
-Ravenwood court
-Grange Hall

Completed Road Projects for 2012

-Munger Hwy, Seal coat from Mathews to North Adrian hwy
-Tonneberger drive, crack seal
-Murphy Hwy Spot wedge and seal coat
-Grange Hwy, Spot wedge
-Allen Road, spot wedge and seal coat Tecumseh Clinton road to Murphy Rd (1st mile)
-Hewlett Road, spot patch and add gravel.

Completed Road projects for 2011

- Adding limestone and grading to Smith and Stone roads

Completed Road projects for 2010

- Add tile and gravel to Hendershot Highway

Completed Road projects for 2009

- replaced the culvert on Dillingham Drive
- replaced the culverts and crack sealed and coated Billmyer hwy from M-50 to Allen road
- tree trimming

Completed Road projects for 2008

- Crack seal and seal coat Munger hwy from the Tecumseh city limits to Mathews hwy
- Crack seal and seal coat portions of Billmeyer Hwy
- Crack seal and seal coat Newburg Hwy
- Culvert work on Murphy Hwy

Completed Road projects for 2007

- crack seal only Ravenwood
- crack seal and chip coat Grange hwy
- crack seal and chip coat Pleasant drive and Vallydale
- grading and gravel work on Hewlett Hwy

Completed Road projects for 2006/2005

- North Adrian Hwy: replace culverts, remove/remill existing asphalt and repave.

Completed Road projects for 2004:

- Paving of Munger Road West of Matthews Highway to North Adrian Highway
- Sealcoat of Pleasant Drive and Valleydale Parkway
- Bridge replacement on North Adrian Highway (Joint project with Franklin Townshipp, State of Michigan, & Lenawee County Road Commission

Completed Road projects for 2003

- Conklin Drive Recap
- Dillingham Drive/Crestview Sealcoat
- Hawthorne Drive Removal & Repave
- Meadowbrook Drive Recap
- Smith & Stone Roads Stone/Gravel Layer

Completed Road projects for 2002

- Tonneberger Drive Repave and culvert work

Maintaining Roads

Many questions have been raised about the way our Township roads are maintained. The process over the years is as follows:

  1. Newly paved road.
  2. Crack & seal. (cracks only sealed with tar & stone)
  3. Seal coat - Tar & stone on complete road. This process could be done twice depending on the condition of the road.
  4. Repave or cap.
  5. Crack & seal second time.
  6. Seal coat second time.
  7. Remove existing (mill out) and repave.

The above process allows our roads to be maintained in a safe condition for automobiles at the lowest cost to our residents. We have spent $86,000 per year on average for the past five. To avoid any seal coating with tar & stone and yet maintain our roads in a safe manner, we would need to increase our operating taxes by at least 2 mills per year. We as a board feel our current method is the most effective. But, we are interested in your thoughts & comments.

For any comments regarding road situations within the Township, please call Mike Feight at 423-7550.

For more information about roads in Lenawee County, please go to the Lenawee County Road Commission