Road Repairs


Road projects for 2019

Conkin Rd.  - crackfill , seal coat and fog seal  - $8391.66
Munger Rd. (N. Adrian to Matthews Hwy.)  -  crackfill, seal coat and fog seal  - $29,686.51
Newburgh Hwy. (Twp. line to City Limits) - crackfill, seal coat and fog seal- $27,223.60

Completed for 2015

Seal coated and fog seal highland subdivision.
Seal coated and fog seal Meadowbrook Court.
Seal coated and fog seal Tonnenberger Drive.
Seal coated and fog seal Newburg Court and Newburg Highway.
Replace a culvert on Stone Highway

Completed for 2014

Pleasant drive and Valley Dale seal coat and fog seal.
Allen road seal coat and fog seal (Billmeyer to Macon road).
Newburg and Munger roads shoulder removal.
Billmeyer Hwy seal coat and fog seal Shull to Macon, lift of asphalt from Macon to Allen road.

Completed for 2013

Replace culvert on Stone Road
Seal Coat and Fog Seal the following:
North Adrian Hwy
Allen road (partial
Loire Valley
Hawthorne Drive
Dillingham Drive
Ravenwood court
Grange Hall

Completed for 2012

Munger Hwy, Seal coat from Mathews to North Adrian hwy
Tonneberger drive, crack seal
Murphy Hwy Spot wedge and seal coat
Grange Hwy, Spot wedge
Allen Road, spot wedge and seal coat Tecumseh Clinton road to Murphy Rd (1st mile)
Hewlett Road, spot patch and add gravel.

Completed for 2011

Adding limestone and grading to Smith and Stone roads

Completed for 2010

Add tile and gravel to Hendershot Highway

Completed for 2009

Replaced the culvert on Dillingham Drive
Replaced the culverts and crack sealed and coated Billmyer hwy from M-50 to Allen road
Tree trimming

Completed for 2008

Crack seal and seal coat Munger hwy from the Tecumseh city limits to Mathews hwy
Crack seal and seal coat portions of Billmeyer Hwy
Crack seal and seal coat Newburg Hwy
Culvert work on Murphy Hwy

Completed for 2007

Crack seal only Ravenwood
Crack seal and chip coat Grange hwy
Crack seal and chip coat Pleasant drive and Vallydale
Grading and gravel work on Hewlett Hwy

Completed for 2006/2005

North Adrian Hwy: replace culverts, remove/remill existing asphalt and repave.

Completed for 2004

Paving of Munger Road West of Matthews Highway to North Adrian Highway
Sealcoat of Pleasant Drive and Valleydale Parkway
Bridge replacement on North Adrian Highway (Joint project with Franklin Townshipp, State of Michigan, & Lenawee County Road Commission

Completed for 2003

Conklin Drive Recap
Dillingham Drive/Crestview Sealcoat
Hawthorne Drive Removal & Repave
Meadowbrook Drive Recap
Smith & Stone Roads Stone/Gravel Layer

Completed for 2002

Tonneberger Drive Repave and culvert work

Maintaining Roads

The process for Tecumseh Township road maintance is as follows:

  1. Newly paved road.
  2. Crack & seal. (cracks only sealed with tar & stone)
  3. Seal coat - Tar & stone on complete road. This process could be done twice depending on the condition of the road.
  4. Repave or cap.
  5. Crack & seal second time.
  6. Seal coat second time.
  7. Remove existing (mill out) and repave.

The above process allows our roads to be maintained in a safe condition for automobiles at the lowest cost to our residents. We have spent $86,000 per year on average for the five years approximately 2010-2015. To avoid any seal coating with tar & stone and yet maintain our roads in a safe manner, we would need to increase our operating taxes by at least 2 mills per year. We as a board feel our current method is the most effective. But, we are interested in your thoughts & comments.

For any comments regarding road situations within the Township, please contact Township Supervisor or Township Road Contact on the board page.

For more information about roads in Lenawee County, please go to the Lenawee County Road Commission site: